Regardless of age, joint injuries and problems are common. Traditionally, doctors operated by cutting through the large areas of your tissues to access the joint and make a diagnosis or offer treatment. Advances in surgery have led to arthroscope which has allowed doctors to diagnose and treat joint problems with a minor incision. If you are experiencing joint discomfort and less invasive forms of treatment may not work, arthroscopy may be recommended by Dr. Larson.

What Is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure involving the use of an arthroscope to view the joints. Dr. Larson uses the arthroscope to see inside the joint and repair some types of joint damage.

During arthroscopic surgery, you will receive a general, local, or spinal anesthetic and Dr. Larson will make a small incision in your skin. Through the incision, Dr. Larson inserts an arthroscope, and a light is transmitted through an optic fiber to the end of the arthroscope inserted into your joint. The arthroscope then transfers the image to a monitor.

Following the procedure, incisions are closed with one or two stitches or sterile adhesive tape.

What Conditions Can Arthroscopy Treat?

Arthroscopy can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions when nonsurgical treatments like rest, braces, medications, steroid injections, and physical therapy fail to provide adequate relief. Arthroscopic surgery can be performed to treat conditions of joints like:

  • Shoulder
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Elbow
  • Hip
  • Wrist

Most frequently, arthroscopic surgery can treat the following conditions:

  • Inflammation of the lining of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Recurrent shoulder dislocation
  • Meniscal tear
  • ACL tears
  • Injury or wearing of the cartilage
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Foot and ankle arthritis
  • Loose bone fragments in the wrist, shoulder, elbow, knee, and ankle

Benefits of Arthroscopy

Arthroscopy only requires one or two minor incisions compared to open surgery and offers the following advantages:

  • Shorter hospital stays and quicker recovery times
  • Reduced pain and scarring
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Less blood loss during arthroscopy

If you experience a joint injury or other musculoskeletal injuries that seem to keep you from participating in your day-to-day activities, schedule an appointment with Dr. Larson. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Larson is committed to providing you compassionate care and the latest technologies. He will assess your issue and help you determine the best recovery plan.

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