Did you know that knee replacement surgeries are one of the most common orthopaedic surgeries performed in the United States? In the past, a total knee replacement surgery was seen as a surgery that required a longer hospital stay post-surgical procedure as well as an extensive healing process. While this is still the case with some candidates, Dr. Larson is able to perform knee replacements as an outpatient surgery on many candidates. This means a decrease in the patient’s risk for complications, an increase in the patient’s independence, and vastly decrease the cost associated with the hospital stay. Are you a candidate for outpatient knee surgery? Today we’re sharing some guidelines that will give you an idea if you are.

Am I a Candidate?

There are many things to consider when deciding if someone is a candidate for outpatient knee surgery. To sum several things up, the most important criterion is that the candidate is in good health. Something else that will make you a great candidate is if you’ll stick with your post-operative treatment plan for yourself. If you’re fully planning to keep up with physical therapy, routine checkups, and monitor for any complications, you’ll be considered as a candidate for outpatient knee surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Larson will take note of your current health and will be able to tell you if you’re a candidate for this procedure. Following surgery, Dr. Larson will closely monitor you to ensure that sending you home the same day would be the most beneficial move for you during this recovery period. If your pain is under control and there’s someone to take care of you once your stay at the hospital is finished, this will also be taken into consideration when deciding if outpatient surgery is the right option for you. If there were any complications during or after surgery, it’s likely that outpatient knee surgery will not be an option.

If you’re not considered as a candidate for outpatient surgery, rest assured that you will experience the highest quality of care as Dr. Larson guides you through the most efficient recovery plan tailored to your needs.

Success Story

The patient that is featured in the video below was up and walking three hours after her surgery was finished! She walked out to her car and was taken home. Once you meet with Dr. Larson, and if you’re a candidate for outpatient knee surgery, you too can recover this quickly following this procedure. Don’t let the fear of loss of independence and a potentially slow recovery scare you out of taking action to improve the quality of your life. If you’ve been experiencing knee pain, it’s time to take action and schedule your appointment with Dr. Larson.

This video is 3 hours after the patient had a right total joint replacement!
She walked out to her car to go home. Amazing!

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