Dealing with sore knees makes everyday activities an uncomfortable chore. Exercising may be the last thing you want to do, but, it may actually help to reduce the symptoms you’re experiencing. The low impact exercises below will ease you into physical activity and ultimately strengthen your knees. 

Straight Leg Raises: Lay on your back on the floor. Bend one knee, placing your foot flat on the floor. Keeping your other leg straight, raise it off the floor to the height of your bent knee. This exercise places little to no strain on your knee while strengthening your quadriceps. 

Hamstring curls: You can start by lying on your stomach and raising your legs, leading with your heels. Bring legs in as close to the body as you can, hold this position, then repeat. If this becomes easy, you can start to add ankle weights. 

Wall squats: Keep your feet flat on the floor and stand against a wall. Slowly move down into a sitting position. This shouldn’t cause knee pain, so if it is starting to hurt, adjust your position. Hold this position, then repeat.

Step-ups: You can use a stair or step bench for this. Step up with one leg and then bring the other up to touch your toe. Step back down and repeat with the opposite leg. If this is becoming easy, use a higher step or touch your heel instead of your toe to the stair during your workout.

Walking: Walking is a great exercise to start with if you’re suffering from sore knees. This is a weight-bearing activity that helps to strengthen muscles and build bones. Make sure to start out exercise slow and gradually build up to a more high-paced walk for a longer period of time. 

Water exercises: Exercising in water can be a great way to build muscle. This is also a useful activity if you’re experiencing pain in your knees because of the low impact on the joints. 

After Activity

If you’re experiencing pain following physical exercise, make sure to rest to allow your body some time to recover. Soreness is common after physical activity, however, if this pain manifests in a sharp or shooting pain way, it’s time to see a doctor. If you’re experiencing this kind of pain, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Larson. He is accepting new patients and will be able to diagnose the knee pain you’re feeling. He’ll create a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle and get you back to your active life. 

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