What is Post-Traumatic Arthritis?

Post-traumatic arthritis is a common form of osteoarthritis and occurs due to a physical injury of any kind to a joint. About 5.6 million people in the United States suffer from this specific kind of osteoarthritis. Today, we’ll be sharing how to prevent post-traumatic arthritis, the symptoms of post-traumatic arthritis, and your treatment options if you’re experiencing this. 

How to Prevent Post-Traumatic Arthritis

In some cases, post-traumatic arthritis is not preventable. There are a few things you can do to decrease your risk of this, however.

  1. Decrease your risk of post-traumatic arthritis by preventing injuries. Post-traumatic arthritis is caused by the wearing down of joints that have irregularities due to a prior injury. By preventing injuries, you’re decreasing your risk of experiencing post-traumatic arthritis. 
  2. If injuries cannot be prevented, often surgery to restore the injured joint to proper function can help to minimize your risk of experiencing post-traumatic arthritis. 
  3. Maintaining as close to healthy body weight as possible can also decrease your risk of experiencing post-traumatic arthritis. 

Symptoms to Watch For that Indicate Post-Traumatic Arthritis

The symptoms for post-traumatic arthritis are:

  • Swelling
  • Joint pain
  • Fluid accumulation in the joint
  • Decreased tolerance for activity. 
    • Such as walking, running, stairs, sports, etc. 

Treatment Options

Depending on the severity of post-traumatic arthritis you’re experiencing, your treatment will be individualized to best benefit you. Some treatment options that may be recommended include weight loss, low-impact exercise, and strengthening of the muscles surrounding the joint. Dr. Larson may recommend a cortisone shot for the joint that’s causing you pain. This is aimed at making the joint more functional and comfortable. When these non-surgical options aren’t helping to manage the pain, Dr. Larson may recommend surgery to help minimize the pain you’re experiencing.

Dr. Larson specializes in working with patients who suffer from post-traumatic arthritis. You can trust his experience as you seek medical help to relieve the pain caused by this kind of arthritis. He will recommend the treatment that will benefit you the most and work with you closely to ensure your symptoms are being managed effectively. He is here to help you get back to your active life, with less pain. 

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