If a joint replacement is recommended as your treatment plan, you may have quite a few questions regarding this procedure and the expected recovery. We’re here to cover what to expect following the procedure as you recover from your joint replacement. 

Prepping for Your Procedure

There are a few things you can do to prepare for your surgery. Make sure that your home is prepped for your smooth recovery. This includes ensuring that throw rugs and furniture are arranged so that your risk of tripping and falling is decreased. Make sure that the food and items you’ll be using daily are within reach so that you’re not straining yourself in the first few days following your surgery. 

What to Expect During Recovery

  • A period of swelling. Moderate to severe swelling is normal for the first few days to weeks following your procedure. To manage this, elevate and ice the joint that has been replaced. It’s also common to experience mild swelling anywhere from three to six months following your procedure. 
  • A recommended rest time for recovery. Following your procedure, Dr. Larson will recommend a time period for rest and recovery. This will be different depending on the level of activity prior to your procedure, the type of joint replacement procedure performed, and several other factors. Each person’s recovery period is different, depending on how quickly your body heals following the joint replacement. Listen to Dr. Larson’s recommendations and your body during this time. 
  • More mobility. Once you’ve fully recovered, a joint replacement will give you more mobility. During this time, it’s important to actively participate in your physical therapy treatment plan. This will help to add to and improve your mobility following your joint replacement procedure. 
  • A more functional joint. Dr. Larson has performed numerous joint replacement surgeries with a high success rate of full recovery. If joint replacement is recommended, you can trust that you’re in the best hands with Dr. Larson. 
  • A more active life. When you’re not suffering from joint pain, you can lead a more active life. This means that playing with your kids or grandkids doesn’t have to be painful anymore. You can get exercise without regretting it during and after because of overwhelming joint pain. You can go back to your active life, with a more functional joint. 

Schedule Your Appointment

Dr. Larson is here to help you get back to your life with less pain. Whether that requires a joint replacement or a more conservative treatment, you can trust that his recommendation will be in your best interest. It’s time to get back to a life with less pain and more activity. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Larson, give us a call at 435-774-8512.