When advised by Dr. Larson, the benefits of joint surgery can help relieve pain and swelling, as well as restore your joint to full functionality. Joint surgery can help you become more physically active, live pain-free, and have time for your loved ones.

However, even with the benefits of the procedure, there are critical things you should consider before undergoing it. Below are some points you should factor into your decision.

Know Your Treatment Plan

Dr. Larson will go over the treatment options with you in detail, but it’s important that you understand the plan and what to expect. This way, you can be sure that joint surgery is the best option for you and your lifestyle. Understanding the procedure can also help you feel less anxious during the surgery.

Depending on the procedure you are having done, you may need to follow a detailed preparation to ensure a smooth operation. This may involve things such as following a particular diet, losing weight, or not taking specific medications.

The most common preparation for joint surgery is preparing the home for recovery. If your joint surgery is in the lower limb, you won’t be able to climb stairs, therefore, your bedroom or temporary resting area should be on the ground floor. You should also have everything you need, such as food items, books, laptops, and other necessities within arm’s reach.

Get to Know Your Surgeon

You will be working very closely with your surgeon before and after the operation. It’s important that you feel comfortable with Dr. Larson and confident in his abilities. Schedule a consultation to get to know him better and ask any questions you have about the surgery.

Understand the Complications

There are potential risks and complications associated with any surgery, including joint surgery. Dr. Larson will go over these risks with you, but you must understand them as well.

Some of the most common complications of joint surgery include infection, blood clots, nerve damage, and arthritis. While these complications are rare, it’s important to be aware of them.

Your Insurance Coverage

It’s best to check your insurance coverage before pursuing joint surgery, as it can be a costly procedure. Call your insurance provider to confirm if they cover the procedure as well as Dr. Larson’s services.

Joint surgery is a big decision, but it can be a life-changing one. With the information above, you can make the best decision for yourself and your lifestyle. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Larson today to learn more about joint surgery and what it can do for you.