As we age, it’s common to experience some aches and pains in our joints. Throughout an individual’s lifetime, their knees sustain a large amount of pressure from everyday activities. This is why knee pain is a common complaint as we age. For some, exercise and physical therapy will help to relieve the pain, but for some, surgery may be recommended to get you back to your full function.

Because of surgical advances, knee surgery is much more efficient with shorter recovery times. This is because of something called MAKOplasty. 

What is MAKOplasty?

MAKOplasty procedures use a surgeon-operated robotic arm, allowing Dr. Larson to make more precise cuts and placements, which ultimately prolongs the life of the replacement and increases the quality. 

Top 5 Benefits of MAKOplasty:

  1. Faster pain relief. If, because of the pain you’re experiencing, you and your surgeon have decided surgery is the best option, this pain shouldn’t be prolonged over a long and tedious recovery period. With MAKOplasty knee surgery, the recovery time is, on average, much shorter than traditional knee surgery. With MAKOplasty, many patients are able to stand and walk the same day as their surgery. 
  2. Better outcomes. When using MAKOplasty, patients report having higher satisfaction with their outcomes than those who received traditional knee surgeries. The precise cuts and placements allow for a higher quality outcome for our patients.
  3. Quicker recovery and shorter hospital stay. On average, MAKOplasty knee surgery patients stay in the hospital for one to three days and their recovery period is about two weeks. This is a drastically shorter period of time than those recovering from traditional knee surgery.
  4. Smaller incision. This not only looks better, but it also allows for a quicker recovery time. A MAKOplasty incision is about 4 to 6 inches, where a traditional incision can be about 10 inches. 
  5. More functional knee. Because these implants have been made specifically for our patient’s knee using 3D pre-op scans, they allow for a more natural feeling and functional knee as it heals. 

Not everyone is a candidate for MAKOplasty knee replacement. If you have questions, Dr. Larson can help answer them for you. Knee pain affects every aspect of your life. Your everyday activities become a painful chore. Playing with your grandkids becomes impossible, going on walks is painful. It’s time to get back to your life with less knee pain. 

If you’re experiencing knee pain, don’t wait to schedule your appointment with Dr. Larson. He can help determine if you’re a candidate for the MAKOplasty procedure and recommend a treatment plan for you to live a life with less knee pain. 

To schedule your appointment with Dr. Larson, give us a call at 435-774-8512.