A sweet 71 year old woman came to see Dr. Larson for her terrible knee arthritis. She had been using a walker for over 3 years. Her knee deformity became so severe that she could hardly walk. Her right knee was “knock-knee” or genu valgus deformity. Dr. Larson has never seen such a severe deformity develop on its own without trauma. He also had never seen such a high degree of deformity, as her knee angle was 42 degrees when it should be 0! Dr. Larson had no idea how she could walk let alone put up with the severe pain.

Her left leg was “bow legged” at 23 degrees, which should be 0 also! Surgery took a lot of planning and extra time, but the outcome was amazing! She is such a special woman and we are blessed to have been able to help her. People like her are why Dr. Larson loves his job. She was so kind and wrote the following note:

Miracle Doctor Brad J. Larson

,I was walking around with crooked knees using a walker. I looked like a crippled old lady. I finally went to Dr. Larson. My knee caps were gone plus some of the bone in my legs. I had the worse knees he had ever seen but still he operated on me. He as able to do an excellent job repairing my knees.
I now have a whole new life. I feel good and have no knee pain. I can get outside and work in my yard, travel, or do whatever I want.

I owe Dr. Larson a great big thank you for the excellent job he did.

In my opinion, he is the greatest doctor ever.

Shauna L.