When it comes to hip health, it is important to know when it is time to seek the help of an orthopaedic specialist. Dr. Larson is an experienced and board-certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in treating all kinds of hip problems, from arthritis and trauma to degenerative conditions. Speaking with an expert in the field can be highly beneficial for people experiencing chronic pain or limited mobility due to a hip issue.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 20 million Americans suffer from chronic hip pain each year. This number has been increasing due to factors such as obesity, an aging population, and a sedentary lifestyle. Furthermore, approximately one-third of adults aged 65 or older report having difficulty with activities due to hip pain.

There are a number of reasons why it might be time to see Dr. Larson about your hips. If you have had chronic hip pain that has not improved with rest or medication, if you experience unexpected limitations in range of motion or flexibility, if you are recovering from a fall or other traumatic event involving your hips, or if your hips feel weak or unstable during regular activities then it would be beneficial to consult a specialist.

Dr. Larson will take into account your age, lifestyle, and overall health condition before making any recommendations for treatment. He will provide you with information on how best to manage your case and what type of surgery or physical therapy might be needed. He also offers non-surgical treatments such as joint injections and nutritional therapy that could help provide relief from pain and stiffness in the short term.

It is important to note that the types of treatments recommended for hip pain and other issues can vary depending on individual factors like age and medical history. Dr. Larson is committed to partnering with patients to address their unique concerns and develop a personalized plan for their care. Whether it is through conservative non-surgical treatments or more advanced surgical options, he will provide guidance throughout the process and take into consideration both short-term and long-term goals as you work towards optimal hip health and getting back to the life you love.

If you are having trouble living an active lifestyle due to chronic pain in your hips or have been struggling with a limited range of motion, then there could be a variety of underlying causes – which is why it’s best to get an accurate diagnosis from an experienced orthopaedic specialist like Dr. Larson. He can help you understand what may be causing your symptoms and determine what type of treatment would be most effective in alleviating the issue so that you can get back to moving comfortably again soon.

If you are having issues with your hips, don’t wait any longer – schedule an appointment with Dr. Larson today! As one of the leading specialists in his field, he can help determine the most effective way for you to get back on track towards healthy living and improved quality of life through his personalized care plans and treatments tailored specifically for each patient’s needs. Schedule your appointment by giving us a call at 435-774-8512 or click here.